your security......


As owners of Villa Verandah we have recently stayed with our family in other villas in the Caribbean, and know that security is a very important part of a villa requirements. We found some villas to be lacking in the ability to leave your valuable possessions (like cameras and laptops), and go to the beach for the day without any worries.

Our own Villa Verandah has great security. The windows and doors (all of them!), are manufactured by a company called Marva Windows and made in  San Juan USA. They have built in integral strong bars across all the opening window slats so that you can leave them open all of the time, even when you are out, to keep the villa cool. The window and door frames are all made of metal, with excellent locks. When you leave Villa Verandah your possessions are safe, and also when you lock up at night from the inside you are completely secure as you sleep.

The island of Nevis is a very safe island, with little crime, but it is good to know that you, your valuables, and your family are safe and secure providing of course that you take care and lock up properly.

We also have a wall safe at Villa Verandah which will hold your money and passports etc.


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